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Directors held liable for employee benefits on insolvency

In a recent decision of the Federal Circuit Court, the directors of a series of liquidated companies were held liable to compensate a former employee of those companies for unpaid statutory entitlements and underpayments. read more →

Advanced Health Directives and Enduring Powers of Guardianship

Planning for the inevitable and the unlikely. Ask yourself these questions: Have you ever thought about what would happen in the event that you were in a serious car accident or suddenly became incapacitated by serious illness? Do you have a clear view as to what sort of treatment you would consent to and in.. read more →

Do you own your company name?

Think that your company name gives you the exclusive right to trade under that name? No, you also need to trade mark it. read more →

Liquidators and leases

Liquidators can cancel a lease a landlord has granted to a tenant! read more →