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Supplying to a company in trouble

Supplying goods or services to a company in financial trouble – the unforeseen risk The effect on your business of a client’s financial woes may extend beyond unpaid accounts.  A payment made on your overdue invoice by a debtor that ends up in liquidation may be recoverable by the debtor’s liquidator if that payment constitutes.. read more →

Copyright and Trade Mark Lawyers – Using the right “fence”

Intellectual Property is a valuable asset and may loosely be described as “property of the mind”.  Using the right copyright, patent and trade mark lawyer can help to build the right “fence” to protect it. read more →

Contested Wills and the New Spouse

How is a Family Provision Act claim decided when there is a spouse from a new relationship and children from an old relationship? It is not uncommon for people to have been in more than one long-term relationship in their lifetime, particularly if their former relationship (either a formal marriage or a defacto relationship) ended.. read more →

Do you need to update your Terms and Conditions?

The Personal Property Securities Act has changed the effect of “retention of title” clauses. read more →