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Incorporated association law changes

Changes to incorporated association law have recently come into force in Western Australia. An incorporated association is a popular way of setting up a sports club, charity or social group in Western Australia.  They can usually be identified by the use of “Incorporated” or “Inc” in their name. Some 17,000 of these now exist.  They range in size.. read more →

Free range eggs and trade practices law

In a recent case, the Federal Court was asked to consider what makes free range eggs “free range”. From 2011 to 2013, Snowdale Holdings Pty Ltd (Snowdale) marketed eggs as free range eggs.  It used brand names including Swan Valley Free Range, Wanneroo Free Range and Eggs by Ellah.  Such eggs would be sold at a premium price. The.. read more →

Will dispute – what makes a successful claim?

The basic principles of a will dispute are fairly straightforward.  The hard part is applying them to a claimant’s specific situation. As I said in my article about the basics of a will dispute, the Court may order that “such provision as the Court thinks fit” be made for a claimant.  This is if it.. read more →

Testamentary guardian – thinking of the children

I have young children, who will look after them if I die?  A testamentary guardian may be the answer. We often get asked this question, and a testamentary guardian may be the answer. Usually – and subject to any Family Court orders – it will be the surviving parent who will have full authority over the.. read more →