Supreme Court of Western Australia decides first statutory will application in R v J [2017] WASC 53

In all jurisdictions through Australia, the Supreme Courts may make a statutory will for a person who lacks capacity to make a will. read more →

The Decision You Simply Can’t Put Off!

Naming a guardian in your Will for your minor children may turn out to be the most important decision you make for their future. It can be a difficult decision, but don’t put it off until it’s too late. read more →

Disentitling conduct in an estate claim

A court has the power to dismiss an estate claim where the claimant has behaved badly. This is called ‘disentitling conduct’. From time to time in an estate claim, a party alleges that the claimant should not get any more from the estate because of the claimant’s bad behaviour. Or, the deceased may have left.. read more →

Estate claims in court, hows and whys

It is always better to avoid estate claims getting to court, but sometimes it is unavoidable. All litigation is stressful, and estate claims are especially stressful.  It is always better for family members to negotiate an outcome rather than have a court make a decision for them. However, court action is sometimes unavoidable. To learn more about the.. read more →