Unfair dismissal – get it right at the start

If you don’t pay attention to this one important detail at the start, you could lose your right to bring an unfair dismissal claim. In Western Australia, two unfair dismissal jurisdictions operate side by side. The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) has created a national workplace relations system, and there is also a separate State system.  Which system.. read more →

Annual leave – take the money and … stay?

Annual leave changes in most modern awards took effect from 29 July 2016. The Fair Work Commission has recently made some far-reaching changes to modern award annual leave provisions.  These changes give flexibility to employers and employees wishing to change their leave arrangements.  They also help to prevent issues with large leave accruals. A large number.. read more →

Directors held liable for employee benefits on insolvency

In a recent decision of the Federal Circuit Court, the directors of a series of liquidated companies were held liable to compensate a former employee of those companies for unpaid statutory entitlements and underpayments. read more →

New laws to combat workplace bullying

With recent legislative changes, those who believe that they have been bullied at work may now be able to get assistance from the Fair Work Commission. read more →