Interest on late settlement denied by Court of Appeal

If you intend to claim for interest on late settlement, make sure you follow the terms and conditions to the letter. When buying or selling real estate in Western Australia, it is not unusual for there to be a claim for interest on late settlement.  This could be following a delay due to unforeseen circumstances,.. read more →

Testamentary guardian – thinking of the children

I have young children, who will look after them if I die?  A testamentary guardian may be the answer. We often get asked this question, and a testamentary guardian may be the answer. Usually – and subject to any Family Court orders – it will be the surviving parent who will have full authority over the.. read more →

PPSR: But we own that …

Are you in the business of hiring or leasing goods to customers? If hiring or leasing goods to customers is a part of your business, then it is of paramount importance that you take steps to ensure that your interest in those goods is properly secured. This includes seeking appropriate professional advice so that you.. read more →

Copyright and Trade Mark Lawyers – Using the right “fence”

Intellectual Property is a valuable asset and may loosely be described as “property of the mind”.  Using the right copyright, patent and trade mark lawyer can help to build the right “fence” to protect it. read more →